Feeders / when there is no nectar flowing, there vital.


There are many types of feeders with many different price tags. Actually they are not the hardest items to create by a bit of DIY! . None the less I would consider it essential to have a feeder close to hand in case your bees begin to struggle. My feeder is called a Miller type Feeder and has a large feeder with a capacity of 6 litres. It can be placed in a standard national or commercial super. It is placed on top of the crown board and the bees access food through the central ridged hole.

feederPros: Large capacity, Easy to fill,  Minimal disturbance to bees.

Cons: Awkward to place in position when full, Risk of spillage (encouraging robbing), Once in place access to bees is bore difficult.

Verdict: a handy bit of kit but, have a smaller rapid feeder on standby.

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