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About meWelcome all beginner beekeepers

Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to log in to my Blog. So who the hell is the new bee man?, Why am I writing a blog?, where am I based?, When did I decide to become a beginner beekeeper? & how did I actually get into it?.

Who am I…

Well, I am 37 years old, married with two kids and I work in the Military. Not sure if that fits the profile of a typical bee keeper but nonetheless that’s me! I’ve always been into the great outdoors and nature. Now I’m by no means a tree hugger and I’m certainly not a member of the green party !. I’m an everyday person, I fish and indeed hunt for the table when time allows, I believe that the great outdoors is there to be enjoyed (not exploited) and if possible to improve your surroundings then one is obligated to do so. Now I do not want to sound like I’m some type of martyr, certainly not. All I’m talking about is that if we all do something to improve our surroundings then it doesn’t take a lot. Pick up some litter when walking the dog, plant a tree, recycle more, compost, and the reason behind this blog …keep bees.

When and why did I become a beginner beekeeper.

I decided to keep or at least to investigate keeping bees about two years ago. The idea got placed in my head my a good friend who keeps bees and ever since I have researching the entire processes. Whilst all the time becoming more in Awe of the wonderful creatures that are bees! As I said it was about two years ago I decided to get involved with bees and become a beginner beekeeper. It has taken until now to actually aquire a nucleus hive with the beginning of my first colony. I have all ways been a lover of woodwork and for the last two years as well as researching bees I have been researching bee hives, with a view to making them. I have decided on the National hive with a few modifications to simplify the manufacture, but ill go in to that in a specific post.

Part of the reason it took me nearly two years to officially become a beginner beekeeper is due to the seasons here in the West of Ireland. In order to give a Nuc or colony the best chance of  survival it is best to get them in early spring and let them grow and build stores without taking honey in the first season. Due to work commitments I misses my first opportunity but not to worry I used this time to attend my beekeeping class and continue researching.


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