Irish Examiner Sat 30/07/16 – “Getting honey and the Future of hives”

Nice little article for any potential beginner beekeepers looking to build on knowledge.  

Get a Nuc = Catch a Swarm !!!

Back Yard bee keepers are by their very nature tight arses !! ok its just me. No seriously we are looking out for all manner and means to increase our … Continue Reading →

Feeders / when there is no nectar flowing, there vital.

 Feeders. There are many types of feeders with many different price tags. Actually they are not the hardest items to create by a bit of DIY! . None the less I … Continue Reading →

Stuff I Have Bought!

This post is for keeping track of the bits ‘n’ pieces I’ve purchased along the way, (hope my wife doesn’t see this). It is not going to cover the oblivious … Continue Reading →

Wasp Alert !!! / wasps robbing your hive.

WASP ALERT I opened the hive today and was gradually making my way down through the frames, mostly pleased as the brood is expanding (not a lot, but expanding none … Continue Reading →

Finally a bit of Action

After a lot of worry and wondering if my bees will make it to the Autumn let alone through the winter. I can finally confirm: Queen, Present & Laying QPL!!!!!. … Continue Reading →

A very slow start

02 July 2016, Unlike the common trait for a beginner beekeeper to check their hives too frequently,  it has been some time since my last proper inspection and it has been … Continue Reading →


Here’s a quickie, Obviously the ambition is to be able to handle my bees without gloves but as a nervous beginner I will be using some sort of glove for … Continue Reading →

Moving House

Well the weather finally broke and we got a week of 14°C +, so on Tuesday 19th April, I transferred my 6 frame Nuc to a 10 frame brood hive. … Continue Reading →

Hive Location

Hive Location This is a topic which along with others can cause a newbee like myself a bit of confusion. There are a lot of factors to consider: Flight path. … Continue Reading →