Wasp Alert !!! / wasps robbing your hive.

WASP ALERT I opened the hive today and was gradually making my way down through the frames, mostly pleased as the brood is expanding (not a lot, but expanding none … Continue Reading →

Finally a bit of Action

After a lot of worry and wondering if my bees will make it to the Autumn let alone through the winter. I can finally confirm: Queen, Present & Laying QPL!!!!!. … Continue Reading →

A very slow start

02 July 2016, Unlike the common trait for a beginner beekeeper to check their hives too frequently,  it has been some time since my last proper inspection and it has been … Continue Reading →

Moving House

Well the weather finally broke and we got a week of 14°C +, so on Tuesday 19th April, I transferred my 6 frame Nuc to a 10 frame brood hive. … Continue Reading →

Aggghhhh Irish Weather

Wednesday 06 April 2016; Well we have being having a real mixed bag as regards the weather lately. It has rarely gotten above 11oC with copious amounts of rain, as … Continue Reading →

Its Starting!!

Friday 31 March 2016. The sun came out today and there was actually a bit of heat in the air. I decided to have a look at the Nuc (don’t … Continue Reading →