Get a Nuc = Catch a Swarm !!!

Back Yard bee keepers are by their very nature tight arses !! ok its just me.

No seriously we are looking out for all manner and means to increase our number of colonies. How better to do this than catch a wild swarm in a Nuc?

In order to be ready to do this it is advisable to have all equipment to hand. Now we all have bee suits (unless were loco) and smokers but here is the question how many of us carry Nucs around during swarm season?. A Nuc is the handiest purpose made piece of it for catching swarms.

What is a Nuc, I hear you ask.

6 Frame Poly Nuc

6 Frame Poly Nuc

Well its a nucleus colony i.e. the beginning of a colony and it usually will have enough space in a 6/7 frame box called a Nuc. This can then be hived at a later stage. Nucs come in all sizes and types i.e. national, commercial, wooden and polystyrene (poly). The decision on what type is entirely up to you, but remember that the frames in your Nuc should be compatible with the type of hive you use.

For me I use a 6 frame poly Nuc. In Ireland if you catch a wild swarm you will not normally have enough time for the swarm to increase in size to survive the winter in a standard hive, so I prefer the option of overwintering the swarm in a poly Nuc.

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