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This is a topic which along with others can cause a newbee like myself a bit of confusion. There are a lot of factors to consider:

  • Flight path.
  • Orientation.
  • Access to water.
  • Protection from the elements.
  • Ease of access for bringing in and out bee keeping equipment.

Of course some of these will be greatly effected by the location which is available, i.e. we have what we have!

So what did I decide? And how did I decide it?

I decided to locate my nuc / hive about 40 meters from my house. This provides easy access and yet is far enough away that the kids, lawnmower etc. will not interfere with it. In the field which it is in I have it located on the South West perimeter with the door facing into the field. This means that the Sun when it rises In the Ease will hit the hive early and should keep light and heat on the hive until late evening. It is an open site so I have places the hive near holly bushed for a bit of cover. I do not think this will be enough and I plan to erect some shelter belt netting to the rear. Access to water is questionable so I filled a bucket with water and corks and have placed this near the hive. The bucket has holes drilled near the top so the water will drain prior to the corks floating over the top! As for Ease of access it is ideal. I can wheel the wheel barrow up to the hide should I require moving any heavy equipment.

Sounds Ideal? Let’s hope the bees think so!

New Bee Man Out!

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  • Rhino86 says:

    Hey New Bee Man,
    I found your location article helpful.

    On location for my new hive, I wondered about the ideal location. Also the hive is portable, so don’t worry about making a mistake on location when your new to bee keeping. For example I thought line of sight and on my East fence would be great. But in winter, the site I chose only receives 30 minutes of direct sunlight in the late afternoon. Thus I’ve moved it to the South fence which receives the majority of direct sunlight all year around and still has good visibility. Visibility is key! regardless of your experience.

    Protection: Since I have a curious dog, I’ll add wire fencing around the hive which is strong enough to stop humans. I’ve seen a few video’s people also put fences around their hives to stop cattle rubbing against them and knocking them over.
    The bee keeping supply store just said add a piece of galvanized roofing for our hot summer days.

    The cork and bucket for water is a good idea.
    Keep up the good posts.

    • newbeeman says:

      Thanks for the tips. One thing I keep learning is that there is no end to the information, and what works for one person quite often does not work for another !

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