Its Starting!!

PisseybedFriday 31 March 2016.

The sun came out today and there was actually a bit of heat in the air.

I decided to have a look at the Nuc (don’t worry I didn’t open it) and low and behold there was activity. It was kinda mesmerising to watch. Definitely made it worth the two year wait to get bees.

I have noticed that there is no water very near. Its approximately 1000 meters away. So I googled “bee drinkers” and came up with a plan to fill a bucket with water and cover the surface with corks so the bees can land and don’t drown. The bucket has holes in the side so the rain does not make the bucket overflow and the corks flow out.

Ill keep an eye on the ladies over the next week or so, and after a bit of advice from my beekeeping buddies I may move them from the Nuc to the brood box in mid April.

NewBeeMan Out!!!

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