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Well the weather finally broke and we got a week of 14°C +, so on Tuesday 19th April, I transferred my 6 frame Nuc to a 10 frame brood hive. Have to say I was nervous opening the hive for the first time, but all went to plan. There was surprisingly less bees than I anticipated, which initially worried me. On closer inspection I saw capped brood I was unable to see larvae but I did spot the queen, (by accident of course). When I had removed all the frames and istalled them in the bIMAG0567rood body she was in the bottom of the Nuc!! with a few others. Nothing a quick tap on the outside of the Nuc couldn’t sort out. I installed a crown board and a feeder on top(not sure of the type) just to get them started to draw comb on the new frames.

It has now been 11 days since the change over and we went form a lovely week of weather, where the bees were very active to this week where the wind turned easterly and we had ground frost!. It looks like Wednesday at the earliest before it warms up significantly and probably another 7 days before I check them again.

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  • Rhino86 says:

    Your quite descriptive, which is helpful to paint a mental image of bee keeping in Ireland. I’m a Queenslander, ground frost is a very rare occasion over the last 10 years, when it was nearly every winter prior to the end of the 90’s

    Keep up the good posts.

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