Top Tips for Beginning Beekeeping by a Beginner Beekeeper !!!

top tipsThese are not just “googled” they are the tips which I feel will be of most benefit to a novice like myself. Please feel free to add your tips in the comments.

These tips were primarily picked up from the following sources:

  • Bee Keeping class.
  • Reading recommended books.
  • Talking (having a beer) with beekeeping friends.
  • Trial and error (lots of error).

They are by no means a definitive list and I plan to add to these as my knowledge grows

Please feel free to comment with your own tips and indeed share mine!!!

Join your local Beekeeping Club / Society.

I cannot stress this enough. The benefits for the beginner beekeeper are endless.

  • Beekeeping Classes are usually organised through a club.
  • Networking with other beekeepers in your locality.
  • Access to instant problem solving. Beekeepers love to assist beginner beekeepers and generally are very giving of their time and knowledge.
  • Access to equipment, the novice bee keeper can get the opportunity to try out equipment such as bee suits and will be introduced to equipment such as the hive, smokers ect…

Buy the best bee suit you can afford!!

This piece of equipment will be the difference between keeping with beekeeping and hanging your smoker up.

Once you have a suit you can expand your knowledge and skill by visiting beekeeping friends during hive inspections.

Thereby enhancing your own skill prior to the arrival of your first swarm.

Be prepared for initial set up costs.

Seek recommendations, google various brands, read reviews and possibly try some on (through contacts you made in your beekeeping club / society).

Beekeeping is not cheap from the get go. There are costs which every beginner beekeeper will be exposed to. these vary but none the less build up.

Equipment such as: Bee Suits, Smokers, Hive tool, Bees & Hives all cost money but not all are repetitive costs. Again this highlights the importance of point one as you should be able to borrow some equipment from your local club.

Stay away from “Beginners kits”.

These are usually not of great quality. Save your money and buy smartly and buy once!


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  • Allan Lewis says:

    Here is a tip for you – Amongst your bee book collection consider getting: A practical manual of beekeeping by David Cramp and also his Field Guide.

    Both books are excellent, with the latter sized to fit in the bee sized pocket and giving problem/ solutions at a glance. It has got me out of trouble on more than one occasion.

    • newbeeman says:

      Thank you very much, Ill look it up today! Have to say that since I made the decision to get into bees my drive for knowledge is crazy, wish I was like this when I was in college! Thanks for checking the Blog, its only in its infancy but watch this space.

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