Wasp Alert !!! / wasps robbing your hive.


I opened the hive today and was gradually making my way down through the frames, mostly pleased as the brood is expanding (not a lot, but expanding none the less). I had reached frame seven which was quite full of bees (as it was one I checker boarded) when I nearly dropped the full frame because of a f&£ken Wasp.

Not to say I have a dislike of Wasps is putting it mildly. My hatred / fear stems from being a four year old and getting stung on the forehead and chin at the same time. I can picture the day vividly in my mind and that was 33 years ago!

wasp trap

Simple Wasp Trap

Time to Trap.

So after regaining my composure I hastily finished the inspection and set about making some wasp traps. These are simple devices which consist of cutting the lid off a plastic drinks bottle, inverting it and placing it back in the bottle like a funnel. in the bottom of the bottle you place bait. Honey is excellent but it will attract the bees and we do not want to hurt them, do we. Not to fret there are many other baits for wasps, just imaging you are having a picnic or a beer in the evening. Beer (well cider), jam & fizzy drinks.

Fizzy drinks it was. I poured a small amount of fizzy orange in the bottom of each tram and placed each trap around the hive. Now we wait ……….


Entrance reduced to one bee space.

Hive Entrance.

The most important thing to do and this was found out after collaboration with bee keeping buddies, is to reduce the entrance dramatically i.e. one bee space. Wasp attention is a sign of a weak hive (which I know I have, due to the slow build up) and to assist the colony in defending the hive is is necessary to reduce the entrance. This will enable the colony to mass its combat power on a small area. In the words of Sun Tzu “he who defends everything, defends nothing.”

NewBeeMan Out

P.S. Wasps are shitheads!!!!



Entrance Reducer fitted and bees queuing to get in. Click Here

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